Have you ever talked with someone who seems to know it all?  They have an opinion about EVERYTHING and feel like it’s their duty to let you know their opinion.  They think they have all the answers and they make you feel stupid if you don’t think like them.  They believe they are an expert… on everything!

We do have people who are considered experts in probably every area of interest you could ever think of.  We have an accountant to do our taxes because he is an expert in tax laws.  We visit specialists in the medical field to determine and fix the cause of our aches and pains.  We see a dentist to fix our aching tooth. We go to counselors for advice on handling situations.  We take classes from those deemed experts to teach a specific subject.

There are experts everywhere and for everything.  We use them to help us but we don’t tell them how to do it.  They are the experts.

We need to use this same philosophy with God.  Isaiah 40:13 says “Who has understood the mind of the Lord or instructed him as his counselor?”  It would be crazy to think we are smart enough to give counsel to God!!!  But sadly we do.  We sometimes tell Him what He should do and how He should do it and if it’s not done our way or fast enough, we just take it in our own hands and do it ourselves (and usually make a mess of it).

We wouldn’t do that with an accountant, or a dentist or an orthopaedic surgeon!!  So why do we do it with the One who is in charge of it all?  We don’t know it all but we know the One who does know it all.  Give Him a chance today to work in your life and to work in the areas that need the expert help.  Let go and let Him take control because fortunately… He does know it all!