As a mother I feel the “momma bear” instinct come out if I believe someone is doing wrong to my daughters.  If they hurt, I hurt.  If someone hurts their feelings, I want to go fix it.  It’s just what we moms do!  Protect.

But in reality we can’t always do that.  We can’t always fix a broken heart.  We can’t always fix a bad grade.  We can’t always fix hurt, anger, wrong-doings.  We have to love and protect the best we can and know that God will work things out for His good as He promised in Romans 8:28 – And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

On Good Friday, I reflect on Mary and how she as a mother must have felt.  People were accusing her kid of doing something He didn’t do.  They were being so mean to Him.  They were physically hurting Him.  They were spitting on Him.  Everything He did was good.  He helped people.  He was nice.  He was loving.  He didn’t do anything wrong!  They punched Him.  They whipped Him.  They jabbed nails in Him.  They killed Him!

I imagine the momma bear wanted to come out in Mary and she wanted to fix things.  But I can just hear God reminding her, “all things I promise to work for the good of those who love Me.  You love Me.  Your son…….my Son…..will be the King of all Kings!  We win, Mary.  Sin and bad things will not win.  Stay close to Me and we will get through it.”

When our kids are hurting or being done wrong and momma bear wants to fix it, just remember Mary.  She had to experience the worst broken heart of all time and God brought her through.  He can bring us through, too.  We just have to trust and let Him hold us in His big, strong arms.

Let Him do that today and this weekend as we remember the ultimate sacrifice of Mary’s son dying on the cross for us.  Then let us not forget the greatest miracle that came just three days later … He rose again and lives among us today!  Happy Easter!