I don’t like leftovers.

This morning I opened up the refrigerator and found the leftover half of sausage stromboli I had yesterday.  I wrapped up the other half of the sandwich with good intentions to eat the rest at another time.  But I’m just not big on leftovers.  I think pizza warmed up is just too chewy.  Pasta warmed up is too hard.

If it didn’t make the “first cut” then I’m not real excited about eating it the second day.

The presentation is not as good warmed up as it was originally.  The taste seems to be lacking for me.

But there is one leftover I like – DESSERTS.  I can eat leftover pie, cake, cookies and cheesecake for DAYS until it’s gone.  A piece of leftover cheesecake or pumpkin roll is better on the second day.

So I guess with the dessert theory in mind, I can’t really lump it all together and say “I don’t like leftovers”.  I just CHOOSE which leftovers I like.

But I can tell you right now that God doesn’t like leftovers at all.  He wants our best.  He doesn’t want what’s left.  He doesn’t want yesterday’s sausage stromboli or chicken pasta.

He doesn’t want us to start our day out running like a racehorse out of the gate and hurrying through our day and then giving him what’s left at the end of the day.  We need to start our day in prayer with Him.  Ask Him what He has in store for us.  Be excited about it!

He doesn’t want us to give Him the money left over from the paycheck.  He wants us to give Him what is rightly His FIRST before we see what’s left.

He doesn’t want US to decide how we will use our God-given talents.  He wants us to surrender to Him and let HIM tell us where to use our talents.

God doesn’t like leftovers.  He wants to be invited to the feast.  He wants to be a part of our best.  We give Him our best.  We give Him our firsts.  We feed our relationship with Him FIRST.  God wants the best.  God deserves the best.

And when we do that, I think He might just hang around for dessert.  Because remember, Jesus said in Matthew 20:16,  “the last shall be first, and the first will be last”.  I wonder if He was giving me permission to have dessert before dinner?  Emoji

Hummmmmmmmmm – no leftovers!  I like it!