My husband, our very own household meteorologist, looked at the radar on his phone, looked outside the window as he was mentally scheduling his to-do list for today.  Farming is a hard business especially on days when you’re not sure of the weather.  Do we plant and take a chance of rain washing it out?  Or do we not plant and then we miss the rain?  Or will it all be okay and we plant and we don’t get the washout and it comes up great?  A lot of decisions to be made.

Our life in farming truly revolves around the weather.  So when I asked him what the day looked like he responded, “There could be patches of storms throughout the day.  No one really knows.”  Of course he was referring to the weather app meteorologists and their history of changing forecasts multiple times throughout the hour!

But the phrase had an added meaning to me.  “There could be patches of storms throughout the day.  No one really knows.”  That’s our lives daily!  We could have patches of storms throughout the day.  We can’t worry about whether or not we will have storms or hard times, hurt and sorrow.  We have to live life in the patches of SUNSHINE.  And let God take care of helping us through the patches of storms.

I’m sure when he reads this he will roll his eyes and have a little grin on his face knowing that my mind is always churning looking for blog ideas………and finding God even in the patches of storms throughout the day!

Have your faith ready, your prayers caught up and your eyes on Jesus as you prepare for the patches of storms and enjoy the beautiful sunshine moments in between….all day long!!