It’s rainy and very soggy here in Southeast Indiana.
It’s a day after “Hump Day” but not yet the weekend.
My mind is bogged down with my to-do list for the…..year!

I feel like I could be in the movie starring The Seven Dwarfs.

You see – today, I’m a little Grumpy and very Sleepy.
All the rain has caused my allergies to creep up again and I’m more Sneezy than normal.
I may have to go to the Doc but I would feel a little Bashful to just go in for something so minor.
Maybe I will quit acting so Dopey and Mopey (a new character created by ME) and just look for reasons to be Happy.

I guess if I take my eyes off myself and put it on Jesus, I see that He washed me Snow White from all my sins and for that, my friend, we have no reason at all to be Grumpy and all the reasons in the world to be Happy!

So I’m going to get up and take on the day……….one little dwarf issue at a time!  Have a Happy-Won’t-Be-Grumpy-Thankful-Thursday!