I heard a story from a friend who was looking for a particular spice at the local chain grocery store.  The space where the spice was located on the shelf was empty.  She found a person who stocks shelves and asked if they had any more of this particular spice in the back storeroom.  He went to look and was gone quite a long time and when he returned with her request, he apologized for taking so long but explained that a new truck had come in with stock and he had to go through several boxes to find the spices and then several boxes more to find the particular requested spice.  She thanked him graciously and headed to the checkout.

As she was checking out she told the clerk how helpful the stock person had been.  The clerk had no real response.  My friend wanted to make sure that someone in management knew how much trouble this person had gone to for her request.  She felt like a lot of people would have said, “we just got a truck in and there are hundreds of boxes but we should have it stocked tomorrow”……….but not this guy……..he went out of his way to make sure she had her requested spice.

So she decided she was going to go out of her way to make sure someone in management knew how much effort this stock person put in to customer service to make sure she was able to get her request filled.  She stood in line at the customer service counter for about 10 minutes just to be able to talk to a manager to express her gratitude and to make sure the stock person was called out for his outstanding customer service.

Now my friend could have stopped at telling the uninterested sales clerk.  But she decided to make a difference……to STOP on her way out of the store……to DROP whatever plans she had for a few minutes…….and to ROLL on over to the customer service counter and make sure this stock person was given a pat on the back for his “sometimes-taken-for-granted” job which I’m sure gets overlooked and underappreciated.

Who can you STOP, DROP and ROLL for today?  Maybe the mailman – he’s consistent, every day through rain, sleet, snow and hail.  How about the garbage man?  What about the custodian at the airport?  What about the cleaning staff at the hotel?  How about thanking a fireman? A Police Officer?  A war veteran?  Send a card, give a gift card, write a letter, say a few kind words, take cookies or candy to one of them.

Make today your STOP, DROP and ROLL day…….STOP right now, DROP what you’re doing, and ROLL on out to make a difference to someone who gets over looked in their important service!!