I was hanging something on the wall the other day that was a little odd shape.  I measured the place where the nails would go on the back of the object.  Then I measured the wall and divided that number in half, then subtracted one number from that number for the one nail hole and measured over to where the other nail hole would be.  WHEW!!  I thought because I had  a TAPE MEASURE and was using what I learned in geometry and algebra classes, I was going to get that hanging just perfectly straight in the middle of the wall.  I was so proud of myself………..UNTIL I realized after it was hung that it wasn’t exactly in the center of the wall.

Because of the odd shape of the hanging, I had measured the nail holes backwards because I had the hanging turned over while measuring the holes.  How silly that was!!  (I guess math wasn’t really my strong suit!)  I was so aggravated but I had already put the holes in the wall and decided I would just get creative and make it work by adding other decor on the wall and try to cover up the fact that the original hanging wasn’t in the center of the wall like I had intended.

Aren’t you glad God doesn’t use a TAPE MEASURE to see if we measure up for eternity in heaven???

I can guarantee you that we would all be lopsided and crooked and not perfectly centered!  But just like my decor on the wall to cover up my mistakes, God uses his grace, mercy and love to cover up our mistakes.  The nails He used are ones that allow for our eternity.

Thank you, Lord that your TAPE MEASURE isn’t like my yellow, gummed up tape measure that apparently I don’t use very effectively.  But instead that your TAPE MEASURE is covered with the blood of Christ and the grace and mercy to make us perfectly centered in your sight.