They hold infants.
They help babies crawl.
They shoot basketballs.
They climb monkey bars.
They play the piano.
They paint a masterpiece.
They drive a car.
They text on a phone.
They write term papers.
They wear wedding rings.
They hold a child’s finger.
They point.
They pat.
They rub.
They healed the sick.
They caused the blind to see.
They turned water into wine.
They blessed the sinner.
They baptized the saved.
They carried a cross.
They were pierced with a spike.
They bled.
They swelled.
They bruised.
They rose from the dead.
They comfort.
They love.
They want to hold your heart.
The nail-scared hand that loves you more than anything in the world.
Put your hand in the hand of the One who holds you.