Can you finish the slogan?

The best part of waking up……is Folgers® in your cup!

Maybe you dread waking up.  Alarm goes off and your mind goes a million miles a minute thinking of all that is ahead of you for the day.  Feet hit the floor and off to the races!!!  Dog needs out. Kids need breakfast.  Time to shower and get ready for work.  Body hurts.  Worries and the troubles left behind the night before start to rear their ugly heads.  The house needs cleaning.  The yard needs mowing.  The bills need to be paid.  Where will the money come from?  How is all of this going to fit into the next 24 hours?

Most people look at mornings as a negative thing.  We hear things like “I’m not a morning person”  or “here’s to another busy day” or “roll out of bed to do the same ole boring job again.”

But if we start our day with Jesus, then there is something to look forward to as morning approaches.  Start your day with prayer and Bible reading.  There are so many devotionals that can help get us started allowing us to read short stories and Bible verses.  I love reading Jesus Calling.  But there are so many options to start your day with a positive word.  Extra Hot Fudge Please is a good one, too! hahaha

Instead of dreading mornings, look forward to the start of a new day.  Grab a cup of Folgers and sit a while.  Because the best part of waking up is Jesus by your side!