Our last post in the “I Wish” series is about what we wish we had.

If the Jeanie in the Bottle gives you a wish, most people would wish for more money or a fancy sports car.  Some people would wish for a boat or a vacation home.  Some people may wish for a spouse or a baby.

When asked that question, have you ever heard anyone say, “I wish I had more joy” or “I wish I had more peace”?

With all of the wishing of things we wish we had, we just keep wanting.  You see, if we wish we had more money, it would probably be to fill more wishes to have more things.  The more THINGS we have the more complicated life gets.  We work hard to get more money which requires spending more time at work and away from our friends and families to buy things for our free time.  We get so much stuff for free time, and then we realize we have no free time because we’re always working to pay for the stuff!  It can be a vicious cycle.

There is nothing wrong with having THINGS at all.  But let us be very aware that the only thing that can bring us true Joy is Jesus.  Matthew 6:21 says “where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Boats and cars and shiny things can bring us joy for a short while, but work to have the Lord as your treasure and I promise your heart will be full of joy.

A wish for more Joy…  Now there’s a wish I don’t want to live without!