I have always loved Reba McEntire.  We have seen her in concert several times and I will never forget the time I stood in the heat and rain for nine hours (yes nine hours) to meet her at the County Music fest in 1993.  She was so nice.  I love watching the Reba show on TV and listening to her latest songs.

But it’s her VERY LATEST song that really caught my attention.  It’s titled “Back to God”.  I watched her on a Facebook Live event yesterday and was so impressed with her.  She definitely has a different demeanor about her.  She was talking about how God is the first in her life now. She said every day she gives her heart to Jesus and asks the Holy Spirit to lead her in His way.

I know it’s easy for celebrities to say these things at the right time.  And maybe I’m wrong, but I choose to believe the good in people and what I saw yesterday was a different attitude, a different goal for Reba.  Yes she answered questions about her new TV show casting, her concert tours and her new CD, but one of the last thing she said was “if you don’t know Jesus, I hope you will ask Him into your heart today”.  [paraphrased]

It wasn’t about “buy my album” or “buy a ticket for my tour”.  It truly was about how this country needs God and how she has made a commitment to let Him lead her each day.  We all should strive to let HIM lead our way each day.  Enjoy her new song…the words are wonderful!