The third “D” in this series is “Doubt”.  How many times does Doubt cause us to want to quit?

We doubt that we can do something.  We doubt that things can happen.  We doubt our calling or purpose.   Doubt breeds self-defeat and nothing good can come from that!

Tonight I was watching the ESPY Awards (hosted by my very favorite professional athlete of all time, Peyton Manning!)  The Pat Tillman Award was given to a soldier who had survived an explosion in Afghanistan which left him with fourth-degree burns over his whole body, a disfigured face, loss of his hands and multiple other injuries too numerous to list.

Doctors doubted that he would live.  They doubted that he would ever walk again.  They doubted he would go home to be with his wife and son.

But he never doubted.  He beat all odds.  He rehabbed to walk, to run, to compete in the Warrior Games and to jump out of a plane…..for the 130 something time!  And although others doubted, Master Sergeant Israel Del Toro (also known as D.T.) accomplished the unprecedented feat of a 100% disabled soldier.  He reenlisted in the military.  His story is amazing!  He is an excellent example of overcoming doubt and kicking the original Quitter’s Club mentality out the door and believing in hard work and determination.

See D.T.’s story here and be inspired to never DOUBT!  Whatever is in your heart and soul today that has taken a back seat to doubt, bring it up front and ask God to help you carry on and kick doubt out the window.  Quit doubting and start doing!  If D.T. can……so can we!