The ship is safe in the harbor.  But ships weren’t meant to stay in the harbor.

We feel safe when we are in comfortable surroundings – like the ship in the harbor.  We feel safe when we are at church.  We feel safe when we are around our Christian friends.  We feel safe in a routine.  We feel safe with the familiar.  But God didn’t create us to stay safe in the harbor.

God created us to take risks so that we have to trust in Him.  So that we realize we can’t do it on our own.  He wants us to take risks outside of our comfort zones.  He wants us to trust Him to accomplish things for the kingdom we couldn’t do on our own.

Being safe in the harbor makes me think of a boat tied to the dock and not able to go anywhere.  Safe.  Complacent. Not moving far from the comfort of the harbor.

We don’t want to be like the ship in the harbor.  We can be like a ship – but this ship was not created to stay in the harbor.  God wants us to let go and let Him direct our path.  We are such control freaks that we don’t even trust God to take control of our lives.

What does “letting go and letting God” even look like?  It is a little scary.  It will take patience.  But it is a little exciting, too!!  Not knowing where He will take us is exciting.  We get so limited in our thinking when we are safe in the harbor.  We just go through our every day lives doing the same things, eating the same food, wearing the same clothes, driving the same way to work and saying the same prayers.

What if today we cut the ropes loose from the dock and let the ship be steered by the Captain away from the harbor?  Away from our “safe place”.  What if we took a chance – wind blowing through our hair?    Spontaneous.  Living in the moment.  Letting Go and Letting God!

Get your hat ………..we’re going sailing!