*The new guy comes into the office and tells you how you should lead the team meeting.
*It’s the first family Sunday lunch with your son’s new girlfriend and she tells you how it might work better serving her way instead of your own.
*The mechanic is looking in the wrong place to fix what you believe is causing issues with the car.
*The backseat driver who is visiting you for the first time in your hometown tries to tell you which interstate would be the quickest.
*The coaching intern has his way of doing warm ups.

Makes your skin crawl just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

We’ve all been there.  Someone comes in and inserts their opinions into your well-oiled, long-standing, flawless routines and you just want to scream:  “This ain’t my first rodeo!!”

I laugh just thinking about it.  I wonder how many times God has said that under His breath to us.

I tell Him how it would be best to give my daughter this job.
I tell Him how it would be best to heal my sick relative.
I tell Him how it would be best to use the rain and the sun to make our crops grow.
I tell Him how it would be best if I didn’t have to go through this trial or that hurt.
I tell Him how much better things would be if this person was elected to public office.

And quietly He says, “Deanna, honey, this ain’t my first rodeo.”

Are you riding the bull and yelling out the commands?  Maybe you and I need to join hands and walk to the sidelines.

It ain’t His first, and I know if I do it my way, I will get knocked off and thrown into the corner.  I think it’s best if I let the veteran Cowboy handle this rodeo.  🙂