I used to love vending machines growing up.  We could put a quarter in there and push a corresponding button under the item and down it would fall for us to reach in and get our candy bar.

Then vending machines became more “sophisticated”.  More items were offered in the machines besides just candy and gum.  Everything you could think of from toiletries to ice cream sandwiches were available in vending machines.  Prices doubled and machines began accepting paper dollar bills.  Numbers were placed under the item you wanted which corresponded to a keypad on the machine where you type in your selection number.

Sometimes we tend to look at prayers and God as vending machines.  We send up a quick request and expect an immediate answer.  We get upset and tired of waiting when the answer isn’t immediate and we take matters into our own hands.  We want to put the request in, type in the corresponding number and get the result.

Just like the selected candy bar, we want the result that we choose.  Not the “your will be done” part.  I’ve even gone so far as to tell God what sequence of events would work best to allow for the end result to be the way I choose.

We need to stop treating God like a vending machine.  He’s not always going to give us immediate answers.  He’s not always going to give us our requested selection.  We’ve got to do our part.  It’s not just about following specific man-made rules and putting our money in the plate. A relationship with Christ is required.  

So this week, let’s stop treating God like a vending machine looking for the THING we want immediately after we put in the request.  Let’s think about the ONE who can give us our request.   Listen, watch and wait patiently for the answer.  His answers are much better quality than vending machine answers!