Have you ever been around people who like to talk about what ails them?  I thought it was just more “seasoned” people who talked about all of their aches and pains because they didn’t have anything else to talk about.  They share all the ailments they have when asked “how are you doing?”  I overhear people tell about their surgeries, their doctor visits, their medications.  It’s seems to almost be a game to see who is the winner of the most, the worst and the longest issues!

But then last week I had some friends over for lunch and we hadn’t been together for probably a year.  We were updating each other on surgeries, therapies and chemo treatments.  We laughed about hormones, pinched nerves and early evening naps before bedtime.

That’s when I realized it!  We weren’t trying to one up each other… we were sharing in each other’s woes and saying we understand.  It really was more of an encouragement that we are in this together but we can keep working hard, keep moving and keep being positive.  Together. Encouraging each other.  That’s what the seasoned folks are looking for as well!

The next time you are witness to those who are struggling, let them know you understand and lend a helping hand or even just a listening ear.  Sometimes all people are looking for is for someone to show they care with a little compassion and understanding.

One day all believers will be in heaven forever with pain-free bodies!  But until then, the next time you hear someone complaining, don’t get aggravated.  Instead show compassion and love and remember we are all in this big painful world together, just waiting for an eternity of sunshine!