Novels. Short stories. Poetry. Mystery. Romance. Fiction. Non-fiction. Self-help.  Biographies.  There are a ton of books out there to read.  Do you like to read?

I love to read and if I find a particular author I really like, sometimes I read every single book they have published.  I think I have read every book in the Blossom Street series by Debbie Macomber.  I love reading books by speakers from Women of Faith such as Sheila Walsh, Lucy Swindoll and Marilyn Meberg.  I loved Lauren Jensen Walker’s Get Away Girls Series – especially Daring Chloe, and all of Tony Dungy’s books.  I couldn’t get enough of the Marble Cove Guidepost series books.

If it’s a Christmas “feel good” book, a biography of a favorite person or a book to help me be a better Christian, I have probably read it or have it on my shelf or list to read.

But there is one book that is black and white and red all over that I have not completely read all the way through and it bothers me.  And that’s the Bible.  I have read the New Testament all the way through several times and have started the Old Testament year after year but never made it through.  How embarrassing when I get to heaven if God asks me how I liked His book and I have to say I haven’t read it!!

It’s National Library Month, and I encourage you to go to the library and pick up a book or a magazine and take time to read and relax.  And over the next year, I hope you and I together can make it through the most important Book that is black and white and red all over (red signifying when Jesus spoke).  It would be a shame not to read the all-time #1 New York Times Best Seller; the non-fiction book that is a novel containing short stories of mystery, romance, poetry and biographies; the book that is THE BEST how-to book ever written but that tells you how to gain access to the writer for free and have Him available to you 24/7.

Wow!  Now I think that’s a book worth reading!

(See February 6th post for this weeks ideas for Make A Difference Month!)