Tis the season of backyard BBQ’s and pitch-ins.  It’s always so fun to gather with friends and family for a pitch-in meal and enjoy the beautiful summer days.

I know when we have a pitch-in, we all usually have our specialties that we bring.  For me it’s baked mac & cheese and desserts.  I love to bake.  When I am hosting a small group, my go-to meal is baked chicken breast casserole and twice-baked potatoes.  My friend, Pam makes the best fruit salad with this awesome glaze.  It’s funny how we all seem to have a favorite dish to share at pitch-ins.

I was thinking today about how this world is just one big pitch-in that God has invited us to be a part of.  He has provided the location and the most important part…salvation. He invites us to bring what we do best to make a difference to the world.  He gave us talents that we can use for Him to spread His word to this large world.

Why would we not want to be a part of the biggest event in history – bringing the word of Christ to a fallen world?!  Your contribution may not be evangelism or preaching or teaching.  But I guarantee you that God has given you exactly what He needs you to bring to this pitch-in.

Can you show His love to others with a card, a meal, a visit, or a phone call?
Can you share His word with an act of kindness to a stranger at the mall or the grocery store?
Do you have an extra couple of dollars to pay for the meal of the car behind you in the drive-thru line?
Do you feel God calling you to pay a bill for someone or buy groceries for a struggling mom?

Whatever God is calling you to bring to the pitch-in, don’t let Him down.  You have a specialty just like your Ooey-Gooey Chocolate Cake or special Baked Mac & Cheese.  God wants you to be a part of making a difference to those who don’t know Him by bringing your specialty to the pitch-in.

Get out the recipe book of Life – your Bible.  Spend some quiet time seeking the Host and asking what He would have you bring to the gathering.  There’s no starting time and it goes on until He calls us home.  I look forward to seeing what you will bring to the World’s Largest Pitch-In as we serve the Lord together!