Monthly Archives: February 2018

Hair We Go!

Long. Short. Curly. Straight. Blonde. Brunette. Redhead. Highlight. Perm. Angle. Taper. Stacked. Bangs.

The language of a hairdresser.

Hairdressers don’t get enough credit, in my opinion.  We customers go in with our Pinterest® perfect picture and just assume we will come out as the next top model.  Hairdressers have to learn a lot of things to work their magic on us.  And I know mine deserves a lot of credit.

In continuing with our Make A Difference Month in February, I encourage you to do something special for your hairdresser.  Let them know how much you appreciate them as they work their magic to make you look fabulous!

Thank you, Brenda Lamping from Precision Hair Design for all you do for me!

Thank a Teacher!

With the recent shooting in Parkland, Florida and all the stories that follow about teachers and coaches protecting their children, I can’t help but think about how the roles of teachers have changed over the years.

When I was growing up in a small rural community, we thought of teachers as those who taught us and loved us.  They cared about our families and were able to take us home from school if we missed the bus or our mom got sick.  They were like part of the family.  We didn’t have to worry about teachers protecting us from gunmen.

The world is different now.  Social media, technology, movies and video games have changed all of those dynamics.  Studies have shown that all of these things combined have caused the dangers of just the mere fact of going to school to increase.

Our teachers have to be prepared to do more than teach and show concern about our kids.  They have to be ready to defend against evil and bullets and knives and down right craziness!  I have always respected teachers and the role that they play in our lives and our children’s lives because frankly, without them we could not survive in the world.

Think about a teacher that you had growing up who made a big impact on your life or a teacher that went over and above to help your child through a difficult course or time in their life.  My challenge to us today is to THANK A TEACHER.  Write a note, send a small gift of appreciation or go back to basics and pick up the phone and give them a call.

My heart goes out to all those teachers who had to experience tragedy in all of the school shootings over the last decade and I want to thank them for their service to society in their role of teachers but also for their service to society as their expanded role of protector.

Be A Good Samaritan.

Jesus never met a stranger.  Even though He may not have had a relationship with every person He met while on earth, He was always open to becoming a friend, helping anyone in need and developing a relationship with anyone who wanted to know Him.

Jesus tells a parable to the experts in the law who were trying to test Him.  The story is about a Good Samaritan who helped a man who had been beaten and left by the side of the road to die.  Two other people had passed him by but the Samaritan took pity on him and bandaged and treated his wounds.  But he didn’t stop there.  He took the beaten man, on his own donkey, to an inn and took care of him.  Then one step more… he left the man and paid the inn keeper to care for him and he paid all extra expenses.

Jesus asks the experts in the law who they thought showed the example of unconditional love – kindness to a stranger.  The experts replied, “the one who had mercy on him.”  Jesus told him, “go and do likewise.”  [Luke 10:25-37]

We should be the same.  Can you imagine how much better of a world we would live in if everyone was willing to show kindness to everyone they met?

My challenge for us today is to look for ways to be kind to a stranger.  Start small.  Allow someone to go in front of you in line at Wal-Mart or a restaurant or coffee shop.  Let someone merge in front of you in traffic.  Compliment a stranger on their outfit or hairstyle or their children.

Let’s show a little of Jesus by pretending, just for starters, that we never met a stranger along our journey in life. Together we can change the world one small act of kindness at a time.

Childlike Kindness.

Today’s suggestion is to make a difference to a child.  Children are always looking for the gift of time.  Here are a few suggestions but I’m sure you have some of your own.  Enjoy making a difference to that little someone special in your life.
*Read a book with a child
*Go to the park with a child
*Make cookies with a child
*Watch a Disney movie with a child
*Lay on the grass and look at the clouds with a child
*Jump rope with a child

Anything that you enjoyed as a child, think about passing along that memory and making a new memory by giving the gift of time to another child.  We really can make a difference and change this world, one act of kindness at a time!