Yesterday was my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary!  Fifty years of marriage is a long time and it hasn’t always been easy but they are stronger than ever in their marriage after 50 years.

The secret is to keep Christ in the center of your marriage.  But my mom said they have also had to keep patience and love and kindness in the center of their marriage as they worked through the trials over the years.

It made me think about my marriage of almost 27 years.  It doesn’t seem like 27 years but then again I can hardly remember life without Roger.  I don’t want to remember life without Roger.  We are very blessed in our marriage that the good times certainly outweigh the trying times.  Of course my husband would say it’s because he is “easy to get along with”, “the voice of reason”, and “always gives in.”  Just ask him!  hahahhaa

Who knows?  That could be true.  But we know that keeping Christ in the center of our marriage is the true glue to a successful marriage.  Going to church together, praying together and working together on discipline for our children and keeping the same values are all keys to success.

But one of the most important keys to our relationship is kindness.  Kindness not only in speaking but in actions.  I love doing kind things for my family.  I love cooking for them and making sure their laundry is done and baking for them and having surprise gifts for them.  Roger loves providing all of our “wants” and our needs.  We love doing things for others.  But sometimes I think people are more kind to strangers and friends than to family.

We need to remember that kindness is simple.  Kindness can cost no money.  Kindness speaks a 1000 words.  We need to remember to use kindness in our every day lives. And we need to start with our own family.

Fifty years is a long time to be married but remember when you met your spouse?  You wanted to do something kind for them all the time.  Remember when you had your children and you couldn’t do enough for them to make them happy?  Get out the old wedding pictures.  Watch the baby video.  Remember what made you fall in love with them.  Start again on the kindness journey.  Go on…………make a difference not just to “someone” today……but start with your own family!  And watch how God will shine down blessings all over the place!!  Have fun!