As we were driving home from the airport last night, I had such a heavy heart as our family vacation was coming to an end.  With Kiersten preparing to travel as a physical therapist and Morgan heading into her last year of her Master’s program and then who knows where she will be working, I was just sad thinking it may be a while before our family can all have schedules available for vacations together.

I was thinking of coming back to everyday schedules and work demands and I actually shed a few silent tears as I looked out the window through the drizzling, wet rain shower.

And then right there in the sky, the brightest display of colors I have ever seen, was God’s promise!  A beautiful rainbow that was complete (although my picture couldn’t capture the entire thing).  God was saying, “Girl, I got you covered.  I just gave you 8 complete days with your husband and daughters; Eight wonderful days.  You are coming home to a nice house with a great job and additional family members awaiting your return.  You are blessed!  Now don’t you be crying because you need to look through those tears and this rain outside and you see all the blessings and know that I’ve got you covered.  I promise.”

I got excited and realized I have all of those great memories of not only this vacation but a lifetime full of great memories!  Thank you, Lord for a great vacation, a wonderful family, your salvation and the great reminder through the awesome display of bright colors that YOU are in control and the giver of all things!