What is TIME really?

There’s not enough of it when you are trying to balance family and jobs.
There’s too much of it when you are waiting to hear from the doctor.
It’s critical when you’re trying to catch a connecting flight.
It’s adjustable when you start dating.
It’s different around the world.
It’s the same in your own backyard.
It’s used for good when honoring someone.
It’s used for bad when killing someone.
It’s measured the same.
It’s cut differently.
It’s abused when we don’t understand the value.
It’s precious when we are told we don’t have much left.
Our life is a collection of it.
Our death enters into a never-ending supply of it.


Whether you are in New York or Australia, it goes by quickly.
Use it wisely.  Treasure it wholly.  Make the most of it daily.
And live for the Lord to the end of the beginning of it.