For those of you who know me well, you know that the Patriots are my #32 team in rankings of 1-32.  They are a very talented football team but their shady shenanigans and unkind demeanor has never set well with me.  That’s why, of course, I had to go to bed before the final inch into the end zone occurred in Super Bowl 51.

I went to bed so angry and furious as to why that team had to win the Super Bowl.

Then………we prayed like we do each night.  We prayed for our kids, our friends’ kids, and our family.  We prayed for those who are suffering with cancer and addictions.  We prayed for those who are struggling with death and family brokenness.  And when I said Amen, I knew the answer to my question.

It didn’t matter.  It didn’t  why they won.  The devil wanted me to be angry and find jealousy and hatred towards another human being.  He wanted division in this world whether it’s through politics, church or sports.  He was happy when I was angry.  And then I realized that the Super Bowl champion doesn’t affect my everyday life at all.  I don’t know a single player on either team and no one on either team cares how I feel.

But our kids, our friends, our family and those who are suffering through illness, brokenness and heartbreak care.  They need to know someone cares and I need to step up to the plate and use my energy in a positive way.

If you feel the devil pulling you into a negative situation throughout the day, stop and say out loud, “get away from me, evil one.”  And then ask God to show you someone who needs you.  Be the positive one.  Be a champion for the Lord.