Roger and I went on a long-weekend-driving trip putting 1500 miles on our truck while covering 8 different states. Some people would think we were crazy but we love it! A cooler of drinks, a basket of snacks and an overnight bag accompanied our journey. If we had a dog, I could write a country song. haha
We just drove until we were ready to stop. We had Lysol spray, Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer and plenty of face masks.
And we looked.
And looked.
We looked at mountains.
We looked at valleys.
We looked at people.
We looked at vehicles.
We looked at colleges.
We looked at corn, soybeans and hay.
We talked.
We laughed.
We even teared up a few times.
We listened to country music, Christian music and 80’s music.
We watched golf and FRIENDS and Hallmark Christmas movies.
We ate ice cream and steak and seafood.
It was a very simple trip.
No amusement parks.
No water slides.
No hustle and bustle.
Just rest and simple life.
That’s what Covid has taught us.
To slow down.
To enjoy each other.
To enjoy God’s creation.
To love and live and laugh.
I hope you are doing that, too. I think we all did some of that at the beginning of the pandemic but I feel busyness slowly slipping back into our lives, and we don’t want to go back to that life.
Hence, the low-key, 1500-mile road trip.
What’s your “road trip”?
Reading. Art. Piano. Hiking. Writing??
Whatever it is, I encourage you take some downtime and reevaluate where you are right now and where you are headed. If you don’t want to go back to busy, then take a quick “road trip” to your happy place.