Alexa, remind me to remind Suzi to remind the vet to send the dog tick and flea meds.

Have you seen that commercial?  I didn’t say it exactly right but someone needs a reminder so they ask someone to remind them and then that person asks someone to remind them and then that person asks Alexa to remind them to remind the other person to remind the other person to remind the original requestor.  WHEW!!  I’m exhausted.

I don’t have Alexa®, the robot of reminders, but I know plenty of people who do and it keeps reminders well.  Then at the given time, Alexa acts as the brain alarm.

I have reminders on my phone that pop up on my calendar or remind me with an audible alarm.  I have reminders on sticky notes on my car and on the door as I leave my office to not forget this or that.  I have written reminders on the refrigerator and on pieces of paper stuck down in my purse.

Isn’t it awesome that God doesn’t need to be reminded.  But we sometimes treat Him like He might forget so we continue to remind Him.  “Lord, don’t forget that I am looking for a new job.”  “God, did you remember that my daughter has that really hard test today that I would love for you to help her through?”

“Lord, did you remember that I am asking for healing for my loved one and that I have that friend who is waiting to adopt a baby?”

We don’t have to remind Him or ask Alexa to remind us to remind Him.  He already knows.  He wants to know the desires of our heart but I wonder if my constant reminders to God (due to my worry) makes Him laugh out loud.

He’s got a lot of patience and can handle it.  But I also know He has the memory of an elephant.  🙂

Alexa, remind me not to remind God that He hasn’t answered yet.  His timing, and memory, are perfect.