I am so blessed to live in America.  As we celebrate Memorial Day, we take time to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom………..or do we?

Do we look at it as an extra day off work and thank God it falls on a Monday?
Do we look at it as a day to get things done around the house?
Do we look at it as a day to get together with friends and family and have a fun gathering?
Do we look at it as a day to go to the baseball game and enjoy some relaxation?
Do we look at it as a day to decorate and wear Red, White & Blue?

None of those things are bad but I found myself working hard today to get ready for the week and catch up on all I didn’t get done last week.  My husband and I did yard work, landscaping, planted flowers, caught up on laundry and housework.  We visited a friend as well as my parents.  We watched baseball on TV and ate ice cream.

I found myself doing exactly what I listed above and not really celebrating MEMORIAL DAY for what it was intended to celebrate – appreciating all the sacrifices given on my behalf in order to be able to do all those things I did today.  While watching the baseball game, there were several stories highlighting players or families of players who had been in the military.  It really hit me hard as to what freedom we have and how I hadn’t been nearly appreciative enough for what these soldiers did for me.

I want to vow today to keep our military in my prayers every day.  I want to find ways to support our military by monetary donations, letters, supporting families of military personnel, etc.

I would love to hear from you as to ways you have supported the soldiers and their families.  As we try to show God’s love to all people, I am going to expand my thinking and step outside of my box and look for ways to support those who sacrifice for me.   America is Beautiful and I want to stop and be silent and focus on what MEMORIAL DAY is really about – thank you God for our wonderful country and thank you soldiers for protecting it!!