While in the Everglades we took an airboat tour learning about plants and wildlife in the Everglades. Of course we were all on the lookout for alligators and fortunately we got to see several. We also got to see a bird native to the Everglades. Although I can’t remember the name of the bird, I remember that the momma bird was very protective of her babies.

The guides knew exactly where to go to find these birds and alligators. The momma bird would not allow anyone to touch her but she would land on the guide’s arm and eat popcorn from his hand. But when she flew back to her cattail home, we could see blue cotton ball furry baby birds. When we drove the airboat closer to the babies, she began to squawk and get very protective. She was a momma protecting her babies.

As we glided along the swampy water, we saw several alligators. The guide knew that there were alligator eggs up ahead where the momma alligator was resting and protecting her nest. He glided the airboat closer and closer and she just stared being very still reminding me of a child who covers their eyes and believes they are invisible. However, the closer we got to the nest, the more protective she became. Her momma protective attitude showed up! She opened her mouth and showed her 80 some teeth to all who were near. She began hissing and backing up closer to the nest. She, too, was protecting her babies.

It reminds me of how as a mom I want to protect my babies, no matter how old they are. It is an instinct that is built into a woman once she becomes a mother. We would do anything to protect our children.

God gave us that instinct. We see examples of that throughout the Bible, but none more prevalent than the mother instinct of Mary, mother of Jesus. I cannot imagine how her heart ached as she saw people who were so cruel to her son; who spit on her son; who drove nails in his hands and feet; who shoved thorns in his head and stabbed his side with a blade. Her protective instinct was powerless. BUT the good news is that God is not powerless! Scripture tells us that He had to turn His head because the pain to watch His only son die was too much for Him, too.

God knows our love for our children. He put that love instinct in us. He understands because He has that protective instinct FOR us, too. He wants only the best for us and we have to remember that. He protects his children just like the bird protected her babies. Just like the alligator hissed as the “enemy” came closer to her babies, God hisses as the enemy preys on His beloved children. He loves us so much He allowed His son to die for us to be in heaven with Him forever. Now that’s a “momma’s love” – or rather a “father’s love”.

John 3:16 – For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.