Are You a Part of My Dysfunctional Family?

I heard a friend say the other day, “My family is so dysfunctional!”

I think at one time or another we all feel like our family is dysfunctional.  But what exactly does “dysfunctional” mean?  According to Webster’s dictionary, dysfunction is “impaired in function”.  I realize though that everyone’s definition of dysfunctional could differ depending on what you believe defines “the norm”.

I’m so glad that God’s definition of “normal” and “dysfunctional” are not the same as mine.  If we look at the Family of God, our whole family is dysfunctional because we are all “impaired in function”.  But thankfully we all come to this family of believers with different colored hair and different colored skin; tall or short; plump or thin; healthy or sick; with our own talents, personalities and spiritual gifts.  God leads us all in different ways to use our gifts to spread His word.

So with this in mind……….today, I proclaim that I am thankful for my dysfunctional family of God!  Only He knows we really are NORMAL!

One thought on “Are You a Part of My Dysfunctional Family?

  1. Lisa

    SOOOO thankful to be accepted, by God, with all my faults, flaws and “impaired functions” and be able to look around and see fellow family members standing by my side.


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