“Be where your feet are.”

This sentence seems to be a given.   Like seriously, folks….how could I be anywhere else except where my feet are?   I can’t be in the kitchen when my feet are in the living room.  I can’t be outside when my feet are inside.  I can’t be in Hawaii when my feet are in Indiana.

Oh trust me… yes, I can.

How?  By not being present in the moment.

Have you ever been having a conversation with your child after school hearing all of the excitement of the day and then your mind wanders and you realize you missed the story?

Have you ever been with someone having a serious talk and they look at their phone or even start texting while you’re talking?!!  Rude!

Have you ever seen that far away look in someone’s eyes, that staring-into-space look, while you’re telling a story and you realize you could be telling them you were an alien and they would have agreed because they were not listening to one word?

That’s what I mean by “be where your feet are”.

I didn’t create the concept but I heard, Becky Keife, author of The Simple Difference, talk about this very simple idea created by her Volleyball Coach Husband who used this saying with his team for a physical concept and then carried it over to their family for a more mindful concept.

It was profound to me.

It really did make a simple difference, and now I try to be more intentional about listening and being present.
I try to not be multitasking while on a work meeting or phone call with my daughters.
I try to look at the person I’m with and really focus.
I try to enjoy the sunshine and beauty as I make a long drive.
Or savor the food from the restaurant I’ve been craving for months.

It’s simple. It’s huge. It’s important.

Be in the moment.
Be focused.
Be intentional.

Be right where your feet are.