As we got off the plane Tuesday evening, Roger captured my sentiment exactly…”Back to reality!”  We had been in wonderful warm weather visiting family in Arizona.  It’s always nice to rest and relax and see new things, visit family and try different restaurants!

We got on the shuttle to go to our car and I looked around at the other four people also returning to their vehicles.  One guy had clearly been in a great amount of sun with sun-burned ears, red face, still wearing shorts and sandals in the Indiana chill.  Another couple clearly didn’t want to talk to anyone or even allow the driver to help with their bag.  Another gal sat quietly in the corner, looking very tired with worry lines on her face.  As she got into her car I noticed the military stickers on the window.

I couldn’t help but wonder about each of their stories.  Was the sun-burned guy single and on vacation?  Did he have a family to go home to?  Did the anti-social couple have problems?  Could the quiet, tired-looking lady have been coming back from visiting her son who was serving his country?

Everyone has a “back to reality” story – some good, some sad, and some not so good.

Kindness Story

I know a story where a close friend in another state did an anonymous kindness act by donating a pretty big sum of money to a single mom who had been working hard to make ends meet while taking care of others and her car completely quit working.  He said to this day, after almost 20 years, he doesn’t think this lady knew that he gave the money.


We never know what stories make up someone’s “reality”.  If you know of someone who is struggling, take time right now to send them a card and if you have extra funds, maybe pay a bill for them….anonymously.

Let the kindness continue!