Standing at the check out counter, we are tempted to read all of the “rag magazines” eager to tell us all of the gossip of the day. Some of the stories are absolutely outlandish.  Celebrity A having lunch with an alien.  Celebrity B having plastic surgery to make her mouth look like a horse.  Celebrity C getting a divorce and cheating on his spouse that is just an absolute lie.

Celebrities sue these rag mags for false accusations and libel. We wonder why rag mags continue to print these lies when they know these things are false.  But it sells magazines.  It gets us to look and read and wonder if it could be true.

We spend hard-earned dollars and precious hours reading about these fake lives of celebrities, somehow wishing we could know them or be a part of their circle of friends.

When we get to heaven I am telling you that the Lord isn’t going to ask you how many rag mags you read. He is not going to ask you whether it was true that Celebrity A had lunch with an alien.

But what He will want to know is whether you took time to read HIS piece of literature. Did we take time in our life to read the book that contains history, peace, advice and prayers?  Did we take time to read the book that could help us live a better everyday life?

God wants us to bag the rag mags and spend time reading the truth.

I challenge you today to read the Bible through in a year. It will take some time each day but you can do it.  Just google “Read the Bible through in a year” and choose a plan that works for you.

I guarantee bagging the rag mags and reading the book of truth will keep your mind clear and give you something better to talk about at lunch…….even if your friends do act like aliens!