Credit Cards.

We can use them at almost any place of business now.  Fast food restaurants take credit cards.  Every retail store takes credit cards.  Even Redbox® movie kiosk takes credit cards.

They are easy to use.  They are handy to carry.  No need to ever carry cash.  Just one swipe and you can be on your way, merchandise in hand.

But then the mail comes.  And buried in that stack of newspapers, magazines and junk mail are the white envelopes with the summary of spend for that month.  Payment now due.

For some it’s a good record to keep for all transactions and pay it off all at once.
For others, it’s a reality of the accumulation of a bad “swiping” habit and immediate gratification that may take months or even years to pay off.  Credit card companies are now required to put a chart on the bills that show how long it would take to pay off the current balance if you only paid the minimum payment each month and never added another spend to the balance.  It shows the accumulated interest over that time period and how much it really COSTS you to use that card and not pay it off when the bill comes in.

The reality can be shocking.  Worry may set in.  “How can I pay off this credit card?”  Christmas gifts are purchased and given and enjoyed and then the bill comes in.  It’s time to pay the debt.  What if someone came along, a complete stranger, and said I want to pay your credit card bill for you?  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!!!  We may say something like, “you mean, I can keep all of the things I have but you will pay the debt?”  And the answer is “yes.  I will pay it all.”

Well, folks – it happened.  We get the joy of the blessings we receive every day.  We get the hope for eternity in heaven no matter what all we have done wrong.  No matter all the sin in our lives.  We have someone who paid it all and He wants to give you this free gift of salvation and eternity in heaven.  Jesus paid it all.  He forgives us.  He wipes the slate clean!  Accept God’s gift.  Live for Him every day knowing He paid the debt for all your sin.  Giving your life to Him will be thank you enough!