When my oldest daughter was a  toddler, there was an outbreak of the chicken pox virus and we were careful to try and keep her away from the children who had the virus.  But then we realized that it was better just to give in and let her get the chicken pox when she was little because the health issues associated with getting chicken pox as an adult could be severe.

So we decided to let her play with the children who were already infected and she did get the virus and survived the chicken pox before age 5!!  Why did she get them? Because they are highly contagious.

I don’t recommend trying to contract contagious diseases.  But what if we use this example to contract something positive that is contagious.

What if you could be the contagious one that people wanted to be around because of  your positive attitude?   Have you ever been around someone who seems to be happy all the time?

There are people who seem to find the good in any situation no matter what difficulty they may be going through.  There are people that are so happy all the time that you just want to be around them.  They live out Philippians 4:11(b) where Paul says “I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances”.  Paul had JOY in his life because of his salvation in Jesus Christ.

Being around people who have true JOY can be contagious.  The love of the Lord shines through them and it’s contagious.  Their JOY is truly a fruit of the spirit living in their heart.

Those with JOY want to help others, want to give others what they have.  It’s contagious!

My challenge to you today is to be JOYFUL.  Show JOY to others today and see if they return it if only for just a brief moment.  Keep spreading the joy like wild flowers in an open field!  Be the seed that is planting JOY in others today!  Go on…………..Be contagious!!