Sparkling Smile.
Not a hair out of place.
Makeup looking professional.
Dressed in designer clothes.
Kids could be junior models.
Husband holding you close in affection.
Background of pix looks like it came straight out of Beautiful Home Today.


SNAP.  All done.

Let’s look.  Perfect Selfie!


Kids fighting. Parents snapping.  House piled. Yoga pants on. Hair in ponytail.  Chaos.

Have you ever felt that way?  You get everything perfect for the selfie that you will put on social media portraying the perfect life with the perfect family with the gorgeous house.  You snap the selfie and then go right back to normal life.  Hurried. Snappy. Messy.  Chaotic.  Real.

That’s normal life!  And it’s okay.

Social media makes us think we have to be someone we are not.  It makes us think we are not good enough and when we act this way we portray to our kids and those “liking” that we have to be something that we are not.

The devil wants us to think that way, too.  He wants us to live in fear.  He doesn’t want us to remember that God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son to die for us.  All we have to do is follow Him.  Believe in His Son.  Know that we are loved for who He made us.  Sinners who can be redeemed by the cross.

You don’t have to put on the fake smile, perfect-life appearance to come to Jesus.  He wants you just the way you are.  Don’t be someone else or try to be like the magazines.  Show the world you are a child of the King, an imperfect, forgiven sinner who loves Jesus.

Smile.  You are an heir.  You will live in a palace.  And your father is a King.

Be your selfie with Jesus by your side and love as your background.