My daughter got a kitten.
She’s wanted a kitten for a few years so we told her she could certainly adopt one… when she got her own place.

Texas became her home and Riggins found his home with her.

He’s a sweet little kitten.  All black.  Male.  Soft.  Long and slender.  Out of control tail.  Chill but feisty at the same time.  Loving.  Adorable.  Playful.

But this kitten was not what she was looking for.  In her plan-ahead mind, she had a gray and white kitten.  Female.  And her name would be Phoebe.  Yes a care-free, Bohemian-dressed, friendly cat named Phoebe.  (#1 F R I E N D S show fan here!)

When we saw Riggins, she loved him instantly but kept looking.  We looked at several other shelters, wondering along the looking area, oohing and awing but no other cat seemed right.  She fretted and contemplated pros and cons of getting Riggins.  Not because she didn’t love him, but because he wasn’t what she thought she wanted.

Each day she kept coming back to him.  He had crawled into her heart and now was preparing to crawl into her home.

I was talking on the phone to her today and she said, “you know, Riggins is not what I was looking for.  I thought I wanted a gray and white, female cat.  But he is absolutely perfect for me.  I’m so glad he’s mine.”

How many times do we end up in the same emotional boat.  We ask God to answer our prayers in our way…our timing…our location.  We have it all mapped out in our mind.  But then He comes up with a better plan…in His timing…His way…and His location.

In Isaiah 55:8 God says, “For your thoughts are not my thoughts neither are your ways my ways.”

WOW!  From who we marry, to the jobs we get, to the places we live and the animals we adopt, God has a hand in it all.  We may not see it immediately but I guarantee after a while, we will come around and eventually see His ways are always “purrfect”.