I watched Undercover Boss the other night and just wished that I could have that much money to be able to give money away to help people.  This undercover boss gave away $10,000 then $25,000 then $30,000.  It was to help people who needed it within her organization.  She discovered their needs while working closely with them undercover.

 I just kept thinking “I wish I had that kind of money so that I could help others”.  Then I realized that it is all relative.  $10,000 to those millionaires is like $10 to me.  I realized that I can bloom where I am planted.  I can help those around me who need help in a manner that I can afford.  And I can expect great things from my God to take me outside of my comfort zone and provide funds for me where needed. 

My last post was about my Bucket Buddies(R) mission and how I am filling buckets to give as gifts to children with cancer who are in various hospitals.  That is a very small token in comparison with the $65,000 that the Undercover Boss gave away.  But who cares.  God told me to create this mission and I have followed His calling and He has blessed it.  I have hopes that He will continue to bless and move me way outside of my comfort zone.

What is it that you are thinking about doing to make a difference to others or that you feel God calling you to do?  Don’t wait until you have a bunch of money or a huge group of people or until you are a certain age or it is a certain season.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”  Now is your time.  Now is your season.  It’s time to stop just thinking about making a difference and go do it!  Don’t look for the perfect flower pot………..just Bloom Where You Are Planted!