Today is National Read A Book day!

With that in mind, how often do we take time to actually sit and read?  I love to read and I usually try to take time to read a book at least a few minutes a day – usually right before I go to bed.  I love reading Christian fiction, biographies, books on organization, craft magazines, decorating magazines and even cookbooks.  I read My Bible each day, too.

But as I was thinking about National Read A Book Day, I wonder if we look as forward to reading the Bible, which is the best selling book of all time, as much as we look forward to reading the craft magazines and fiction books we relax with!

According to The Economist, over 100 million Bibles are sold or given away every year. It is the most widely distributed and best selling book in the world!!

We tell others about the latest and greatest books we have read.  We join book clubs and keep track of all of our favorites on  We write online reviews to encourage others to read the books we believe are the best.

But when we get to heaven, we won’t be asked what magazines and self-help books we read.  But we may be asked if we took time to read the one Book that contained all of the instructions for living a life for Christ.  Will we be able to say we read the whole book that was the most popular and best selling book in the world??? Will we be able to tell the Author we read His whole book cover to cover?

I know I need to get busy and get the rest of that Book read.  I don’t want to be one of the people who has a list of books on my completed list that didn’t include the One that sold millions.

Let’s get busy relaxing and reading the Book that has sold millions, has touched millions and has saved millions!