You know that little orange light that flashes on the dashboard of your car?  You know the one?No I’m not sure what it means but it comes on now and then?  OHHHHH and the little green one?  And the red flashing one?

Yes –  all warning signs and we don’t know what they all mean!!  One is for low windshield wiper fluid.  One is for check your engine.  One is for a low tire.  One is for almost out of gasoline.  One is for something overheating.  One day there will be one telling you it’s about time to stop and use the bathroom and get a sandwich!

The warning lights are all good for telling you what needs corrected but it’s so hard to remember what they all mean.  You pull out the handy dandy owner’s manual.  And then when you figure out what they mean, it’s hard to remember exactly how to fix some of them.  Time to look at the owner’s manual again.

Our lives operate like our cars.  We have warning signs all over the place.  Sometimes they are as simple as the “need more windshield cleaner fluid” and we know exactly how to remedy it.  We need more rest or more quiet time and more time in prayer.

Sometimes it’s more serious like the “check engine light.”  We may need to let go of something in our lives to which we are holding on too tightly.  We may need to give control over to the Lord and lean on Proverbs 3:5 which says “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

We may need to go to the owner’s manual.   God’s word is the owner’s manual for our lives, just like the car has the owner’s manual that we frequently refer to.  Every answer we need is in the Bible.  Sometimes we don’t even know where to start though, like with the colored lights that come on the dashboard in our cars.  But we are diligent enough to keep searching until we find out the answer because we don’t want our car breaking down.

Let’s be diligent enough to keep searching God’s owner’s manual and seeking direction from Him to keep our spiritual lives from breaking down.  And no matter which warning light flashes in our lives, we need to pay attention to it and get back on track.  The ultimate mechanic is standing by just waiting for you to ask Him.  He wrote the owner’s manual and can point you to the exactly verse to get you running smoothly again.  Let’s trust Him today.