I woke up this morning so tired for some reason.  I didn’t even want to get up and go to work but I drug myself out of bed and into the shower and I kept feeling this little tug at my heart.  “Be thankful you have a job to go to especially this time of year.”  That’s true.

Then another tug, “And be thankful you have a dependable car to get you there.”  Very true.

Another tug, “Be glad you are able to get your body up and go to work.”  Again… true.

So I started checking off the list of simple things I was thankful for and it reminded me of a story I read one time about a lady who had cancer and was loosing her hair from chemo.  She was down to just 3 strands of hair and she woke up and said “thank you, Lord that today I can braid my hair.”  The next day there were only 2 strands of hair and she said, “Thank you, Lord that today I can part my hair down the middle.”

The next morning she woke up with only one strand of hair and she said, “Thank you Lord that today I can wear my hair in a Mohawk”.  The next morning she looked in the mirror and she had no hair left – just a bald head, and she said “Thank you, Lord that I don’t have to do my hair today.”

What a perspective.  I need to be thankful for a good job and a whole bunch of other things on my list.  I need to remember to check it each morning and then check it again.  You know, just like Santa – making my list and checking it twice!!  Double chances to be thankful!

Check your list today… and if you get tired and a little grumpy… check it twice!!  Have a great list-checking day!