What a great time of year!!!  Football season!

Colors paint the town for favorite high school, college and NFL teams.  Tailgate parties and cookouts help us to gear up for kickoff and cheering on our favorite players and mascots!

As some of you know, Peyton Manning is my absolute favorite football player of all time.  When he played for Tennessee, our house was covered in orange.  When he was drafted by the Colts, it was an easy transfer into the NFL for our household since we live in Indiana and already cheered for the Colts.  We collected closets full of Manning (and other Colts team member) football jerseys designated specifically for cheering on our favorite “blue” players.

When Peyton moved to Denver, our household combined the Tennessee orange with the Colts blue and added Broncos jerseys and memorabilia to cheer on another “horse” mascot.  (Colts and Broncos – get it?!!).

No matter what team is our favorite, we get excited as we prepare to cheer on our team to victory!  (Unless of course you cheer for the New England Patriots and I guess your QB will be “resting” for the first 4 games! Oh, don’t get deflated.  It’s just a joke.)

But seriously, we should be as excited to cheer for our friends and family as we are for our football teams.  There are people in our lives that need to be cheered on.  Maybe it’s a friend going through cancer.  Maybe it’s a neighbor going through hard times.  Maybe it’s our children who just need a little cheer from their parents.  Maybe it’s our parent who needs a little cheer from their children reminding them they are still loved and needed.

I challenge you today to look around and find someone who needs a little encouragement.  Then get your plan together, send a card, make a call, give a gift card, stop by for a visit or send some flowers.  Let them know they are loved.  Now go on………..Cheer ‘Em On!!