This is the third post in my series of “Come on Down” as a play on words of the Price Is Right show.

Fear of success.

You may laugh at this if you haven’t experienced it.  But some people are afraid to step out of their comfort zone and try new things or do what God has called them to do because they are afraid they might succeed and then what will they do??!!

*Some people are afraid if they succeed others will be jealous and they may lose friends.
*Some people are afraid if they succeed it will move them from their comfort zone and they may have to do more and that scares them even more.
*Some people are afraid if they succeed they won’t know where to go from there.

Don’t be afraid to succeed.  God is holding your hand and He is taking you from your seat right now and leading you to do that VERY THING you are scared to do.  He is leading you to success and He will be leading you past the initial success to more blessings in the future.

When you hold God’s hand and do what you are called to do both in the small things and the big things, He’s going to be right there with you.  Quit WORRYING about the “what if’s” and EMBRACE the “what if’s”!

I want to speak to women’s groups more.  I have been praying for that opportunity, and I have just received a very big opportunity to speak to the Professional Women’s Group at my company, about “What is Your Passion?”  IT’S MY PASSION!!  Helping other people be all that they can be is one of my passions.  Random Acts of Kindness is one of my passions.  God is giving me this opportunity.  Someone heard me speak at a chamber of commerce event and wanted me to do the same talk at my company.  I prayed for this exact opportunity.  So why am I scared?  It’s exactly what I asked for – to be able to take that opportunity and speak to more people.

I’m going to take it……….. and I am going to enjoy it!!  But I am afraid and the “What if’s” keep going through my mind.  “What if people talk bad about me?”  “What if I mess up?”  “What if people think I am stupid?”  “What if I fail?”

That, my friend, is just the devil talking and I am continuing to yell at him to get away from me because today – I’m going to take the negative “what if’s” and turn them around:  “What if I can help someone find their passion?”  “What if I can help someone reach their goal?”  “What if I can help someone overcome their fear of stepping out?”

God is holding your hand and my hand and He is leading us today.  So Come On Down and enjoy the success of God’s calling.  The Price Is Right……the time is right……. to hold His hand and experience the success He has for you and for me!