After writing my last blog about “Pappy” slowing down and taking in the sights, I began thinking about all of our senses and how we are so busy we just don’t enjoy life the way we should.

This morning I decided to turn off the radio, not talk on the cell phone and just LOOK AROUND at all of the beauty on my drive to work.  I saw landscapes depicting the true Midwest – grain bins, cattle, rolling hills and corn ready to harvest.  I saw newly dug fence posts. I saw the rusted posts on the tiny bridge I cross over every day.  I didn’t even realize it was a little bridge, and I have driven across it for years!

I saw woods with huge trees hosting deep green colored leaves and some trees peeking through with a few brightly colored orange leaves preparing for the autumn season.  I saw freshly tilled dirt in fields where soybeans had been harvested.  I saw the most precious baby calf lying next to its momma in a small, soft, green pasture.

I saw red summer flowers still hanging on in the warm temperatures in flower pots on front porches and on the opposite side of the road, mums displayed with straw bales and scarecrows depicting the change of seasons.

I saw all of this through my dirty windshield.

It reminded me how God SEES us.  He sees the beauty, the newness, the precious spirit, the warm heart, the changing seasons in us even though our “windshield is dirty with sin”.  He SEES our hearts and is able to wash away the dirt with one single swipe.  He accepts us as we are.

Today let’s strive to “come to our senses” and see the beauty all around us….. not only in the landscape but in the people we come in contact with – even through our own dirty windshields.

Happy Sight SEEING!