When you read these words I would be willing to bet that your mouth starts to water on the thought of at least ONE word.  Your tongue can virtually taste as you read.  Gooey chocolate fudge brownies.  Peppermint mocha. Cajun flavored pasta. Salty peanuts.

We can see the flavor associated with a food.  We can taste the flavoring when visualizing the food.  We can see and taste how good that food really is.

Sometimes we use the word “taste” in a different way.  “Let him get a taste of his own medicine.”  “Taste the good life.”  “Give your child a little taste of freedom”.

In these examples, the word “Taste” is used as a sort of replacement for the word “experience”.  “Experience the good life.”  “Give your child a little experience of freedom.”

That is what the Lord offers to us with Him.

Psalm 34:8 says “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.”

David, the psalmist, wrote these words as he was expressing his experience with God.  He wants people to know that his experiences – his taste and sight of the Lord – was good.  He encourages everyone to run to God and take refuge with Him so they will find peace.

Today as you enjoy the taste of all kinds of food – the smooth flavor of chocolate or the jolt of a hot jalapeno – remember that the word “taste” represents experience.   Enjoy the food experience, but also take time to remember to enjoy the good experience that comes from knowing the Lord.

Happy Taste Testing!