Have you seen the Nationwide commercial starring Peyton Manning?  If not, I’ve attached a link for you to watch.


If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I am a huge Peyton Manning fan.  Not only because I believe he is the best quarterback of all times – ever and ever – but because I believe he is a great guy who values family, faith, friends and hard work ethic.  He has done many charitable things for a lot of organizations including Make-A-Wish Foundation for which I am a volunteer.

This commercial shows Peyton not being able to get the Nationwide jingle out of his head.  I thought about how many different words we can put in that jingle:

*Nationwide is on your side.
*Chocolate cake just tastes so good.
*Exercise is not for me.
*Shopping in the mall is fun.
*I love good times with my friends.

And then I started thinking about how we could sing jingles with spiritual words:

*Jesus Christ is on my side.
*Noah built a big ole ark.
*Jonah said the whale is huge.
*Peter walked across the pond.
*David killed the giant dead.

Now that you’ve got that annoying jingle stuck in your head all day, I hope it gives you reason to look for the spiritual things in the everyday jingles of life! HAPPY JINGLING!!