When my sister was little, she was very attached to her pacifier even as a toddler.  Mom tried to take it away and she was very insistent on keeping it.  It was one of the old kind – the heavy rubbery kind.  She loved to pull on the end while chomping down on the other end.  And then one day that little “comforter” snapped and was in two pieces!

She cried and cried and then placed the pacifier on the counter and in her little toddler voice proclaimed, “Daddy pix it.”  You see we grew up thinking Daddy could fix anything!  My dad was very handy around the house and would do carpentry work, plumbing work, and electrical work.  He would fix the car and fix our toys.  He could fix anything and my sister knew he could “pix” her pacifier.

But when Dad got home, it was clear that the pacifier couldn’t be fixed.  I think my parents were glad for that little mishap because it was a blessing in disguise to move my sister away from the “old” and onto something “new”.

We have a heavenly Father who can fix anything, too.  He may not fix it the way we want but He knows what’s best and puts us on the path to have this great life He has planned for us – if only we will accept it.  Zach Williams has a song titled Chain Breaker. You can watch it from the link.

The chorus words are:  If you’ve got pain, He’s a pain taker; If you feel lost, He’s a way maker; If you need freedom or saving, He’s a prison-shaking Saviour; If you’ve got chains, He’s a chain breaker!

What do you need to give up and let the Heavenly Father fix?  Take the better life He has to offer.  He will make the way better – no matter how badly we’re broken! Let’s give it up and let “Daddy Pix it!”