The Price Is Right Show!  My mother-in-law used to watch that show all the time.  Growing up, my kids watched it with her and loved it.  The show is coming to the town my daughter lives in and she called and said, “we should go to the Price is Right show!”  We laughed and imagined our name being called out – “Deanna Young….Come On Down!”  I got a little excited thinking about all the hype.

Then of course as with most everything – we start thinking about the negative side.
“I don’t shop enough to know average prices of things!”
“I don’t know how much a sports car costs?”
“I don’t know if cleaning solution A is cheaper than nacho cheese B!”
“I don’t know how to compare the feature on this grill versus the bling bling on that bracelet.”
“What if I get up on stage and make a fool of myself and everyone boos or laughs?”

See where  my mind went with that?  What in the world!!!  I just went from my daughter asking me to go to the Price Is Right show to have a little fun…….all the way to comparing myself to others and caring what they think causing me to not even want to try to get tickets to the show!

Aren’t we like that in life?  How many times do you get excited about something God is calling you to do only to NOT move forward because of FEAR.  1)  Fear of what others think of you.  2)  Fear of failure.  3)  Fear of success.  4)  Self-doubt.  5)  Insecurity.

Leave it all in your comfy, cushy seat and take a chance.  The next 5 blog entries will examine these 5 fears and look for ways to overcome them with God leading you to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy the blessings He has waiting for you if only you will heed to what He’s calling you to do.