What should I wear today?
What shoes look right with these pants?
Gold jewelry or silver jewelry?
Which way should I drive to work?
What should I have for breakfast?
Where should we eat lunch?
What can I fix for dinner?
What movie should I see?

Decisions…..decisions.   We make a ton of them every day.  Go on the yellow light or wait.  Go 5 miles over the speed limit or under.  Drive-thru or go in.  Express line or regular check out.

We don’t even realize how many decisions we have to make in a day.  Sometimes we make good decisions.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes we don’t think about the results until we suffer the consequences.  Some decisions are bigger than others and some decisions have longer impact than others.

Whatever decisions you have to make today, I hope that you will choose to start your day with a devotional and prayer.  Making the decision to take a few minutes and start your day with Jesus will be the best decision you make all day!