As we wind up Make a Difference Month, I want to encourage you to do something BIG for someone today or plan it today and do it later this week!!

Some suggestions:
*Send flowers to your wife.
*Make a special dinner for your husband.
*Make cookies for your kids.
*Watch a movie with your family.
*Take a friend to lunch.
*Buy coffee for your co-workers.
*Give a gift to a friend.
*Give an extra tip to a server.
*Give a goodie bag of socks, toothbrush, toothpaste, snacks, gum and other treat to a homeless person.
*Give a gift certificate for food to a homeless person.
*Show love to your clerk at the check out.
*Plan a party or a bigger act of kindness for later this week or in a couple of weeks to make someone special feel EXTRA special.

Thank you for participating in the Make a Difference month and I pray that this will be a month that will bring awareness to us encouraging us to make a difference to someone everyday and that creating kindness will just automatically become a part of our life.

Let’s go change the world one act of kindness at a time.