My dad can’t hear much of anything without his hearing aids.  And he has had a time with those hearing aids.  First of all it took years for mom and I to convince him that he needed them.  When he got them he realized how much better the world sounded!

Then he broke one.  Well it’s never easy to replace those nice, costly hearing aids but after a few weeks of “huh?” and “what did you say?”, he finally could hear again.

Then he lost one.  No where to be found!

Recently he was taking the hearing aid out and the small piece that goes in the ear canal stayed in the ear canal but the remaining portion of the aid was in his hand – tiny little wire still attached to….nothing.  He had to go to the doctor for the removal of that one!

He thinks he can hear without them but we are here to testify to the contrary! 🙂

Sometimes we are like that with God and hearing His calling in our lives.  We may hear the Holy Spirit telling us to do something but we are looking around to see if others hear it, too.

We may hear the calling of God on our lives but we ask others if they have ever heard it, too.

The Word of God never changes but we all hear God’s calling in our lives in different ways.  You may not hear Him in ways your friends hear Him.  Listen to Him as He speaks to YOU – not your best friend; not your spouse; not the youth pastor; but YOU.

Do you hear what I hear?  Because I hear God calling us ALL to keep believing in Him in this crazy world.  I hear Him encouraging us to stay faithful to Him and His word and His promises.  He’s got this!

Do you hear Him now?