I buy most of the items for the buckets for Bucket Buddies  Mission at the Dollar Tree.  The Dollar Tree store I shop is wonderful.  Very clean and organized; well-stocked and friendly cashiers.  Sometimes they have what I need and sometimes they don’t but overall it’s the best place to get what I need for the buckets.

Yesterday I was needing 30 packs of colored pencils.  This is an item that is hit or miss at the Dollar Tree so I said a little prayer before I went in that they would have 30 packs of colored pencils.  I spotted the brightly colored box as I headed down the school supply aisle.  “Please, Lord, please let there be 30 boxes,” I prayed because I needed them that day.

I took every single box off the shelf and there were……….29.  NO.  I need 30!  I prayed again silently, “Lord please let me find one more stray box of colored pencils.”  I looked at every shelf in that school supply area and no more.

So I continued my shopping, thankful for 29 and making plans to stop somewhere else for an additional box of colored pencils.  As I headed down the baby supply aisle, there on the right, completely out of place, were 4 boxes of colored pencils!!!  I chuckled out loud and then said “Thank you, Lord.”  I think He wanted me to continue to believe and to work for it! hahaha

Thank you, Lord that not only do you work in the big things but that you care about the little things, too…like colored pencils and creating smiles at the Dollar Tree!